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Almost Predictable Almost - David - Scotland
dMCollector - Francesco Grasso - Italy
stateroll club - Gianni - Italy - Jostberg - Sweden
Mr Love - Love - Sweden
marianodm101 - Mariano N. Reina - Argentina
Pavoni - Sven - Germany
BONG14 - Thomas Dörnte - Germany
These websites helped me to find some additional info simply the best Depeche Mode discography obviously the best Recoil's fansite the best part of the official DM website

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David, Gaspard, Mieke for many translations
Condemned for Inga Humpe's article correction
Irina Janke for a big German to English translation
Love ( for the transcriptions of Counterfeit² lyrics
Bertrand, Chris, Glen (Home), Jens, karimamilena, Linda, Love, Peter (Home), Thomas, Tom for additional scans and info

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Claudia Brücken (Onetwo) for all the info about the song "Cloud Nine"!
Raphaël ( for all his help and advices, fonts, LHN covers, many scans; for his eternal good mood and enthusiasm!

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Alan Wilder, Dave Gahan
Alex, Angie, Barry, Chris, Dorian, Gaspard, Inge, Jens, Marcus, Martin, Matthias, Michael, Michel, Raphaël, Seymen, Steve, Tom, Vlad Lee